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Double my Bitcoins
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Double your Bitcoins

Simple as Google. Just deposit to your personal BTC Address and recive after 100 hours double of your Bitcoins.

  • When started?
    We have started on August 24, 2020
  • Which currencys are accepted?
    We only accept Bitcoin and we will not add others in the future.
  • Is the withdraw instant?
    Yes! After 100 hours your will get your payout complete autmatically and instantly to your Payout Address.
  • Do you charge any fees?
  • How long does it take to get my deposit back?
    You will recive your profit and your deposit after 100 hours!
  • How much can I earn if I invest 0.5 BTC?
    You will get 1 BTC after 100 hours.
  • Can I reffer to my friends?
    Yes and you will get 5% from their deposit directy to your payout address. Please find your personal link in your account dashboard.
  • Can I make more than one deposit?
    Yes, there are no limitations.
  • It is time for my payout when I recive it?
    Payment is fully automated and occurs instantly and usually takes from 1 to 5 minutes, but not more than 30 minutes. Please do not contact us, if the payment is "not confirmed" in your wallet. Please check it with your wallet provider and/or wait up to 24 hours!
  • Can I make more accounts to take all referral commissions for myself ?
    No! We do not tolerate this kind of cheating. Please use the referral link just for your referrals. If you have multiple accounts, we will suspend all of your accounts.
  • What if i deposit more than maximum or less than minimum?
    Any amount less than 0.001 BTC will be considered as donation, and will not reflect as a valid deposit!
  • Can I contact you?
    Yes, if you have a problem or just want to say "hello", write to: [email protected]
    Or contact us in Telegram: @b2xsupport

Affiliate Program

We offer a one level affiliate system. You will get 5% from every deposit. We guarantee 3 level of multi level marketing revenue share paid in Bitcoin. The payout is automated and the payout minimum is 0.00001 Bitcoin.

Representative Program

As a Representative of our company you will get 10% from every deposit.
Please contact us directly to get the Representative status.
You will need at least 5 active referrals.